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  • We only spent two nights there, but I fell in love with our 2 bedroom villa at Eden Resort, Albufeira ❤️
  • Really enjoyed our stay at Eden Resort in Albufeira - especially our massive, private 2 bedroom villa. It's so nicely decorated, spacious and cosy. We've even started planning a visit back with our families! ❤️🇵🇹
  • Don't you just love driving on an open road? 🚗 I came across this one on my way to Évora in Portugal.
  • The Ambassador Suite at @corinthialis - one of the finest hotel rooms I've stayed in ❤️🇵🇹
So where do I start? That mattress was insanely comfortable. The sheets were soft. The furniture was stylish and chic. And the VIEWS! This suite was on the 23rd floor overlooking some of Lisbon's hotspots like the aqueduct, Ponte 25 de Abril bridge and the statue of Jesus Christ.
  • How sweet - @corinthialis must have got the memo that the way to my heart is through my stomach 😋
@gowithgeets and I had just finished our afternoon at the spa and were absolutely starving! So seeing these fresh juices, trays of fruits and my favourite pasteis de nata (Portuguese custard tarts) made my night lol 🤣 I know I'm so fat - don't judge me.

What would you have eaten first?
  • After one hour in the couples massage room, @gowithgeets and I took advantage of the impressive Aqua therapy facilities at @corinthialis.

That pool had jets everywhere to help you relax, including two "waterfalls" with insane pressure. (I put my head under them and it was like I was getting beaten up!) Everything from the décor to the range of facilities like ice baths and hamam rooms were really nice. Loved it!

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